Modern sun shading systems are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity

Tue, 07/20/2021 - 12:36
Modern sun shading systems are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity

In the midst of the summer season, regardless of whether we are at home or in the office, we feel the sun becoming hotter and hotter and we feel the detrimental influence of the heat in the hottest hours during the day.

The solution to combat solar rays is the sunshading system of ETEM – the E66 system. It is very functional and it has been developed to be suitable for both large-scale projects and residential buildings.

The solar protection system solutions of ETEM offer a wide range of lamellas and profiles, which provide unlimited opportunities for individual design and matching shading to the specific needs of the building. The separate components of the E66 system developed by ETEM have been designed so as to allow freedom to the imagination and provide options for both architects and designers to create modern and functional projects with a memorable vision.

The lamellas of E66 can be installed both in a horizontal or vertical direction, parallel or perpendicular to the facade of the building as a window blind grid. They can be used as balcony pergolas, canopies above entrance doors, as decorative grids, or as separate structures. This is the exact same solar protection structure in hotel Premier Fort Beach – St. Vlas, property of the investment company Fort Noks. The engineers of ETEM carefully design and calculate parameters of the shading systems in the hotel, conforming to the climate particularities. Specifically for the project, the ETEM team has made a solstice simulation for the summer period of 6 months, and after careful analysis has planned the most efficient shading solutions compared to the position of the sun. Next to the pool and the restaurant of the complex, several static solar protection structures made of lamellas of E66 have been built, which can be dismantled by the investor at the end of the summer season and can be mounted again the next year.

Regardless of whether the building is by the seaside or in the city, the design of the shading systems shall take into account some very important characteristics – the orientation of the building compared to the sun, the existence of specific structures on the facade, proximity sites, etc. For this purpose, the ETEM team is using software specifically developed by the Company for this purpose – ETEM Energy Pro. Using this software, the general energy properties of complex facade structures shall be determined, the energy effect shall be forecast, and an analysis shall be made of the changes and the optimization of combined structures in order to get the most appropriate solar protection solution.

The designation of the state-of-the-art solar protection systems is not only to protect from the harmful solar influence, but also provide overall comfort in the building, as well as access to natural light. Further to improving the living environment, the E66 system also contributes to improving the energy efficiency of the building. The solar protection systems can decrease the need of consumption of energy by more than 40 percent, which makes them a good investment not just for large-scale projects, but also for residential buildings.