Corporate social responsibility

Empowering the good

The CSR strategy of ETEM is focused on how the activity impacts the community and can empower a sustainable future for all of us and our ecosystem. The company strives to be one that brings conscious responsibility towards its employees, society, business, and the environment.

Our belief is that our purpose is to produce systems with care for society and its sustainable future by investing significantly, optimizing the production cycle and improving the indicators of quality, safety, efficient use of resources, and environment protection. By following new and modern procedures, ETEM reduces the energy footprint and minimizes the environmental pollution.

As a committed corporate member of society, the company supports projects that help the sustainable development of the regions and are committed to working to raise the standards of social development. ETEM has an open approach and supports the communities through various partners such as foundations, non-profit organizations, educational structures, and initiatives that can improve life quality.

Corporate social responsibility

Recognizing every need, we implement actions of support and development of the local communities that are adjacent to our facilities, but also to the society as a whole.

The company has the same commitment to the working environment and creates good conditions for its employees. The team integrates ethical and socially responsible sustainable business practices to help ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

At the same time, the primary goal of ETEM is the safety of people and work environment with zero accidents. The company has been actively working to improve the skills and know-how of the employees through information and trainings by faithfully following a program to improve working conditions and safety (OHSAS 18001:2007 certification).

Corporate social responsibility