Tue, 07/20/2021 - 12:36

Accessories are a very important part of the vision of windows and doors. The elegant look of a handle or hinge gives completeness and uniqueness of the overall solution.

Part of the new accessory solutions that ETEM adds to its portfolio is the innovative handle NP ULTRA - without a rosette, for windows and balcony doors, it is used in combination with the GIESSE-C.H.I.C. mechanisms with hidden hinges that allow the opening of a vertical axis or a double-sided opening for both single and double-sided positions. The NP ULTRA handle is available in three versions -with straight and round shape, as well as invariantDesignbyETEM”. Handles are available in any standard RAL color, giving freedom to architects and customers.

In addition to the handle, it is also used the mechanism of GIESSE NP® Technology, which can make an openable part in a modern style and minimal, quick profile processing.

ETEM's team does not stop working together with industry-proven manufacturers, accessories to its systems. An example is the hinges offered by ЕТЕМ ALPRO.

ETEM ALPRO pipe hinge for non-rebated doors designed and produced by Simonswerk - a German grand in hinges especially for our E75FD system is manufactured from aluminum. The friction areas are made of a special innovative coating for maximum silence when opening and closing the sash.
In addition to the modern and slim design of the body, these hinges are characterized by a high degree of functionality, comfortable 2D and 3D settings and a stable installation with counter-plates and bolts, which also provides good load capacity. Also, ETEM ALPRO has a test report from the manufacturer for 200,000 cycles.

ETEM team continues to work on the development of its system solutions, both with the design of new profiles and with various accessories, which provide complete and unique features of the products offered by ETEM.