ETEM's aluminium systems change the home and bring comfort

Thu, 05/16/2024 - 09:02
ETEM's aluminium systems change the home and bring comfort

ETEM's diverse range of system solutions has the power to transform any home into a contemporary space adorned with sleek lines and captivating shapes. Beyond their functional role, our aluminum doors and windows present an opportunity to revolutionize the living environment, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. These high-quality aluminum solutions, designed to cater to the needs of the modern individual, promise easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Some of our most preferred and well-known window and door systems are E45, E75, E68, and ES70. Our systems—the E50 sliding solution and the EW70 window system—answer even the most demanding requirements. Both systems are key solutions to creating a modern environment where style, sustainability, and comfort merge.

We have created a short guide with the most important steps to help you choose the right aluminum system for your home, especially for you.

Step 1 Select the most appropriate category.

When choosing aluminum windows and doors, consider several parameters: the type of project, the geographical location, and the climatic conditions.

We have different bestsellers in different regions and countries. Check them out first!

Step 2 Prioritize your needs.

Aluminum opening systems offer modern design, quality, and high efficiency. Many options combine different styles and features. Prioritize your needs to buy the best product for your project.

Budget: A high-quality aluminum system is a one-time investment. You should look for the best price and choose the one that suits you. Rest assured that our product portfolio offers the best solutions at competitive prices.

Save energy and money in the long run: The quality of the window, and especially the thermal insulation, plays a crucial role in saving money in extreme weather conditions.

Space-saving: Sliding systems are very practical and require less space. You can choose aluminum sliding solutions if you want more light in the room or a maximum view outside.

Security: Security and perimeter security are critical when choosing window and door systems. Our systems have certified burglar-resistant hardware that effectively protects your space.

Aesthetics: It's entirely up to you. You can choose windows in different colors and textures with a minimalist design or visible aluminum frames.

Step 3 Contact our Sales Department, who will consult and refer you to an ETEM partner and distributor.

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