Tue, 07/20/2021 - 12:36

From 2007 until today, the TUCer team (Technical University of Crete eco racing) of the Technical University of Crete designs and manufactures new generation electric vehicles that aim at low energy consumption and zero emissions for optimal environmental protection. The team consists of students and research staff, who envision an environmentally friendly car and are passionate about motor sports.

Since 2008, the team of young, promising scientists has been taking part in the international Shell Eco Marathon competition, which is being held in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The purpose of the competition is to inspire school and university teams to design and build vehicles and test their performance. The team that achieves the longest distance with the least possible amount of fuel wins. The competition is a great opportunity for the new leaders of today and tomorrow, who seek to play an active role in addressing the challenges facing our planet.

ETEM, all these years, strongly supports all the efforts aimed at improving our daily conditions, but also at protecting the environment. It is very important for us to support and provide our young scientists with the best tools to design, create and explore their talents.

For this reason, we actively and practically support the efforts of the team of the Technical University of Crete, offering special systems and aluminum profiles for the construction of vehicles, with which they participate voluntarily in the international Shell Eco Marathon competition.

We are very proud of the continued distinctions of the talented young scientific team and will continue to support their efforts for a better future for all of us.