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Architectural photography represents a separate niche in that of art, which focuses the object-glass on buildings with all their elements, the urban environment, monuments, interiors, and exteriors. In most cases, photography can easily be called "art", documenting the aesthetics of a structure.

The selection is very difficult because there are currently hundreds of architectural photographers on Instagram who show real photographic masterpieces. In the following lines, we would like to present only 5 of the established names in architectural photography, having a clear understanding that the talents are way more.

Kerstin Arnemann

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Sometimes black and white have a greater effect and catch the eye more. This is proved by the works of Kerstin Arnemann, who is one of the most famous black and white photographers in the world.

Kerstin paints as an artist with light and tones, moving away from objective reality, expressing her own vision of objects and the environment. She is mesmerized by geometric shapes, lines, and constructions. Kerstin is looking for a unique perspective in which to combine photography with the method of light painting.

Iwan Baan

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The Dutch photographer Iwan Baan is best known for his images telling stories about life and the interactions that take place in architecture. Iwan's focus is on architecture as an art, but he also seeks to capture everyday life in the structures and within the environment around them.

Having no special education in architecture, his perspective reflects the gaze of the ordinary passer-by - the man who gives meaning and everyday context to the architecture and spaces that surround us. It is this artistic approach in Baan's photographs that brings architecture closer to us and gives it a touch of accessibility.

Arno Bertrand

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Arno Bertrand is a French photographer with a portfolio dominated by long-exposure images. He stands out with a photographic approach that is both aesthetic and graphic. Bertrand takes care of the composition, respects lines and materials while working with natural or artificial light.

Berenice Abbott (1898–1991)

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Berenice Abbott is perhaps one of the most famous architectural photographers of all time. Born in America, Berenice Abbott has become a central figure and an important bridge between the photographic circles and cultural centers of Paris and New York.

Abbott began her career with incredible work in portrait photography. Over time, her interest in architecture grew and she began taking pictures of buildings in New York. Her photos are still famous and can be found in famous architecture magazines as well as on their covers.

Julius Shulman (1910 г. - 2009)

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Julius Shulman is one of the most famous architectural photographers. He became famous for his photograph "Case Study House 22, Los Angeles, 1960." Shulman's footage spread globally the aesthetics of modern California architecture during the mid-20th century.

He customizes his own way of shooting. In fact, Shulman worked in black and white and used infrared film. Infrared film was an unconventional choice in those times, but it was exactly the thing that allowed him to capture the essential shapes and lines of objects.

Of all the niches in photography, nothing is as enigmatic as architectural photography. Whether it's a skyscraper or miniature decorative details, there are photos that can be contemplated for hours.