The importance of an ETEM-certified fabricator

Wed, 11/24/2021 - 15:54
The importance of an ETEM-certified fabricator

The right fabricator is very important for achieving the best results in your project.

We have a long-lasting partnership with a wide network of trusted fabricators. Their specialized certification ensures top-quality standards and maximizes the performance of our products.

Our ETEM-certified fabricators complete a series of technical trainings and seminars for proper installation based on the company standards and current market trends.

After completing the trainings, fabricators are certified with CE Certification for aluminium Windows & Doors approved by the European Union. This process ensures that our partner meets all technical specifications and procedures harmonized with EU standard EN 14351-1.

When you choose an ETEM-certified fabricator:

1. You receive a professional analysis of the technical characteristics of different systems and expert support for the appropriate installation.

2. You have the opportunity to contact ETEM and arrange an appointment with our expert team. Together you can visit your project for inspection and quality control.

3. You are sure that the final products installed in your project meet all quality standards and have authentic certified accessories.

The importance of an ETEM-certified fabricator