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What is common between Bulgaria, Italy, and China? If we take the Bulgarian entrepreneurship, combined with Italian flair and implemented in Asian scales then most likely the result will be Petya Georgieva- Bertoni. She is the CEO/ Chief executive officer of Bertoni, part of the Turin Crea Group - a progressive company with a long tradition in the field of automotive, industrial and urban design. What's more, Torino Crea is the only authentic car design company left that is entirely Italian-owned.

Bertoni is the brand of the group, under which design solutions for urban and specific product projects are designed. One of the emblematic ones is the most beautiful art station in the metro of Naples - Toledo metro station.

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Designed in collaboration with architect Oscar Tuskets Blanca, the station-museum depicts a spectacular scenography designed in shades of blue, black, and ocher (sea, land, tuff rocks), with references to the local landscape and architecture. William Kentridge's mosaics, inspired by Mediterranean myths, attract attention, while lightboxes with panels by Bob Wilson reproduce the sea waves.

The spatiality of the construction, material quality, processing, color, and texture make architecture prominent and highly recognized by locals and visitors.

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The idea is inspired by the enrichment of the public service with aesthetic values, combining functionality and affability - a code that the company always follows in its work. The project proves that art in Naples does not neglect public transport, but uses it as a "tribune", turning it into an art meeting place and an underground museum. This brings Bertoni both the Best public building of the year awards and the Oscar for Most innovative underground use space (awarded by ITA, The International Tunneling Association).

The city of Ferrari

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Regarded as one of the biggest projects in the company's history, the city of Ferrari in China seems to be a kind of "Cullinan" in the crown of family Bertoni. After the successful launch of a theme park in Abu Dhabi and a series of successful projects in China, the investors Beijing Automotive (BAIC) and Eternaland Property Co. started together with Ferrari and Bertoni development of an entire city dedicated to the well-known brand. Bertoni's task is to interpret and implement in the architecture of the city historical, cultural, and iconic details from the entire history of the brand. In fact, the project itself is a natural result of Bertoni's long-standing partnership with the Italian automotive leader.

The work begins four years ago and continues to this day. The significant area of the site that will be located near Shanghai, will incorporate a theme park modeled on the first implemented similar park in Abu Dhabi, shopping malls, luxury residential buildings, and car workshops for various types of tuning, as well as specialized merch centers. A completely new generation of roads will be built for the project, designed for special racing events for members of the Ferrari Club in China.

A special feature of the assignment is the transfer of authentic Tuscan culture, incorporated in the futuristic streets and areas of the new Chinese city, which is intended to recreate in the most realistic way details of the city of Ferrari - a modern narrative of a story with traditions.

Also interesting is the innovative application of UBIQD solar panels in the windows of all buildings, which capture sunlight and generate the electricity needed for the building. In large commercial facilities will be used innovative materials and revolutionary technology coming directly from the future will absorb the natural heat released by the visitors to heat the space.

The project is implemented jointly with Mr. Linyi Yu - the President of Ferrari Club of China.