Mon, 10/25/2021 - 13:23

Singapore (which translated from the ancient times means "Lion’s City") is an island City-state with the most developed economy in Southeast Asia. Despite the steady economic growth, Singapore will always attract new and emerging investors in the industrial, shipbuilding, electrical, transport, trade, tourism, and other sectors.

The spirit of the city has become a magnet for tourists over the last decade. The modern cosmopolitan architecture, interesting museums, huge and various shopping centers, unique hotels and parks in tandem are the emblem of urban life and thanks to them Singapore has become one of the top preferred travel destinations in the world. Historic landmarks, diverse cultural communities, but also an extremely modern and unprecedented architecture intertwine in the small area of the City-state!

We will show you some of the most interesting architectural landmarks in the city.

Marina Bay


Marina Bay officially opened in 2010 and its construction is estimated at about $ 6 billion. It consists of three huge 57-story towers and on their last floor, there is a remarkable “Sky Park“ with a huge “infinity pool“ in the shape of a huge ship. You can see yourself the grandeur of this architectural landmark, in addition to the hotel part of the buildings, there are shopping centers, casinos, bars, museums, and restaurants. The rooftop pool is considered to be the largest "infinity" pool in the world. Even if we are not visitors to the interior of “Marina Bay“, we can see it from anywhere in the city and take pictures around it, and if we reach the top floor the view will be impressive.

 Gardens by the bay

One of the most heavenly areas in the metropolis is the Garden by the Bay, which consists of three garden areas of about 110 hectares. It is an exceptional place for all tourists and nature lovers, which is unique in its nature. In addition to the rich and beautiful flora in the gardens, there is an artificial mountain with a waterfall, a colored dome, and surreal trees, which are 25 to 50 meters high and are connected by an arch that we can walk around. This unique wealth of Singapore has been awarded numerous times with various architectural world awards such as: "Landscape Award", "Best attraction in Asia Pacific region", "Best entertainment attraction" etc.

The Helix Bridge

The Helix bridge, because it resembles the structure of human DNA, is another architectural masterpiece that we can see in Singapore. The world's first spiral bridge completes the image of this exciting metropolis. It is about 125 meters high and connects the shore of Marina Bay with a famous shopping center. The architects and engineers decided to make the structure spiral to reduce the used resources by five times, which gives even more genius to the project.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade is another architectural find in Singapore. Known as “The Bay Theatres“ - The Esplanade is an art center consisting of a theatre and a concert hall with a total capacity of about 4,000 seats. Once again, we can notice the distinctive architecture, which, however, fits perfectly into the City-state and takes a place of honor in the list of architectural landmarks. Close to the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and other interesting locations, the Esplanade is a great place for walks. As for art and especially stage arts, in the Esplanade we can get acquainted with the country's culture and life.

One cannot help wondering who is behind these "fruits" of art. The name we associate with the Marina Bay project is of the architect Moshe Safdie (founder of ‘Safdie Architects’), who has collected many of the world's most famous architecture and art awards and medals. The dramatic shapes, the open, green spaces, the massive geometric patterns, and windows are inherent to his modernist style.

Singapore Spiral Bridge is a result of the brilliant collaboration between ‘Arup engineering’, the Australian architects from ‘Cox Group’ and the Singapore architects from ‘Architects 61’.

The design and construction of the Esplanade is again a collaboration between the acoustician Russell Johnson, ‘DP Architects of Singapore’ and London architect Michael Wilford.

The construction of ‘Gardens by the Bay’ was managed by ‘Singapore National Parks Board’, that, with the help of landscape architects from ‘Grand Associates’ and ‘Wilkinson Eyre Architects’, successfully combines modern art with nature and creates one of the emblems of their city.

Impressed by the sights of Singapore, we can say for sure that all the people listed so far definitely deserve ovations and a place of honor in the history of modern architecture!

We can definitely conclude that Singapore has a distinctive and interesting vision that gives a cosmopolitan spirit to the city. Some of the buildings and landmarks can serve as inspiration in architecture, fashion, and construction. That is why Singapore is not only an attractive city; furthermore, it is a destination that is of interest to investors and businessmen as well as to tourists from all over the world. This is because the city has exceptional advantages- good economy and infrastructure, intertwined culture and construction, warm climate and a combination of beautiful nature and extremely modern attractions and sights.