ETEM: Green Buildings

ETEM: Green Buildings

An environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimize overall environmental impact and protect natural resources, must have a range of certified systems in place to ensure the objective measurement of important environment indicators: At the maximum possible energy savings

  • ETEM solution: Innovative & modern technology systems with high energy performance In the optimal management of solar radiation in order to reduce the thermal load affecting the building but at the same time ensure the visual and thermal comfort for the users
  • ETEM solution: Specially designed shading systems & pergolas In the overall management of the aspect using environmentally friendly products
  • ETEM solution: Integrated Systems of Ventilated Sides - Investments (ventilation, cooling & aesthetic upgrade).

In addition to the performance achieved by the systems during the use of the building, high importance is now also given to the overall energy footprint of the materials. In other words, the energy costs throughout their life cycle are examined, from the extraction or collection of the raw materials, to the transportation of the materials to the place of installation of the frames or facades.

The most common calibration framework for these characteristics is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. ETEM has the relevant product declarations (EPD’s - Environmental Product Declaration) both for the raw material itself (EPD production) as well as for it’s integrated aluminum systems, strengthening its commitment to the principles of sustainable construction.