Why Aluminium is the smart choice for you home

Why Aluminium is the smart choice for you home


Here is the essential information that will help you to choose the right windows

Nowadays homeowners who are looking for new windows have more choices in materials, finishes, and styles than ever before. The three most popular materials for window frames remain aluminium, wood, and synthetic material (plastic or PVC).

Of course, each of the materials has its advantages.  Who hasn't fallen in love with the warmth and aesthetics of wood or the low cost of synthetic materials? But when it comes to our home it is important to make the best long-term and efficient decision.

That’s why before we choose our new windows, it is good to learn some significant advantages of one really sustainable material - aluminium. This metal is top-of-mind material for experts because of its combination of functionality, energy efficiency, safety, and also natural corrosion resistance.


The quality aluminium windows and doors will last for decades and will not break or fall apart. So, you won't have to replace them as soon as PVC windows and doors. Aluminium windows will be your best allies if you aim a long-term investment and definitely will help you save money because their life cycle exceeds 40 years. If you check the performance of synthetic window frames, you will see that they come with a really short lifetime. On the other hand, wooden window frames have a reasonably high maintenance cost and limited life as they are made of organic material.



Aluminium is a renewable material. It is completely recyclable with no loss of its natural properties. It is very important to mention that aluminium is also a non-toxic material: it does not emit any dust, particles, gases, or other toxic vapors. The material has a very low environmental impact. The aluminium is reusable and recyclable requiring only 5% of the energy needed for its primary production. When it’s time for replacement of aluminium windows in the future you should know that the materials will be reused and no damage will be caused to the environment.




Aluminium windows resistance is incomparable: it is the choice for a long-term tranquility! IThe material is resistant to corrosion and rot more than other materials. Aluminium also does not curve over time, as compared to wooden frames. For example, the use of synthetic window frames can lead to corrosion of its surface (yellowing) but also to a change in its structure (cracking) and its size (shrinkage).

At the same time, aluminium windows require zero maintenance costs due to their nature. It is almost as easy as forgetting the frames and focusing on the window panes only.


High energy efficiency

Aluminium windows have great capabilities for high energy efficiency together with sound and thermal insulation.  Today we know that aluminium is one of the most insulating materials: it can allow you to save up to 30% in heating!



Aluminium is a non-flammable material. Unlike wood and synthetic, aluminium windows and doors are fireproof and they don’t produce toxic fumes and particles when in fire. The aluminium systems’ resistance also provides thief safety. They are produced using latest technologies to offer high security and comfort standards.



Unique style with no boundaries

The windows are an integral part of the decor and can sometimes be the detail that makes all the difference. Aluminium systems offer unlimited combinations of frames, aesthetic designs, functionality options, and colours. If we are honest, in terms of customization, aluminium can meet all your desires!

This material offers not only great flexibility, but also possibilities for perfect luminosity.

Do you know that the glass surface of aluminium openings is increased by 15 to 20%?



Functionality, aesthetic appearance, and long-lasting performance have all been incorporated into systems that offer increased levels of thermal insulation, noise reduction, resistance to wind loads, and water penetration. Our systems meet the highest standards in their performance and various characteristics:

  • Energy conservation has been a fundamental element of ETEM’s new generation of energy-efficient solutions. ETEM systems are certified for their performance, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation results.


  • ETEM systems are tested and certified for burglary and fire resistance standards.


  • ETEM systems are environmentally friendly. They are produced by implementing the best possible practices for environmental protection with significant investments and measures to optimize the production cycle of materials and minimize any possibility of pollution.


Meet 50 years of experience and know-how with ETEM energy-efficient window systems!

Our commitment is to create high-value-added products and services for our customers.

Why Aluminium is the smart choice for you home