Improving comfort, reducing energy bills, increasing the value of the home, and improving the quality of life, are just some of the benefits that replacing windows in a residence can bring.

The 7 most important signs that indicate the need to replace the windows of a property are the following:

  1. Windows are worn out

If there are signs of rot or distortion in your windows or if the double glazing does not meet your needs, then most likely the existing windows need to be replaced. It is worth noting that wooden frames are difficult to maintain in good condition. The problem with these is that when rot has penetrated the wood, it is very difficult to stop the deterioration and maintain or upgrade their quality.

If the windows are worn, then rain and humidity create serious problems, while if no repair work is done the rot can worsen so that the window can not even open or close.

As for PVC windows, they may discolor over time and as they expand with heat, can be distorted.

Finally, in case the double glazing has a problem, water leaks, condensation, cracks, shavings, holes, scratches and difficulty in regulating the temperature in the house may be observed.

  1. High energy bills (heating/cooling)

Old or inefficient windows can have a negative impact on the insulation of a house and can lead to high energy bills. The more heat escapes from the building, the greater the need for heating in winter, while the same applies to the use of air conditioning in summer.

An easy way to check the effectiveness of the windows is to see if there is a difference in temperature near the windows with the rest of the room or if the window glass is cold. In this case, energy is likely to be wasted.

Another indication is in case there are gaps in the frame. Also, older windows often have single glazing, and are therefore more vulnerable to temperature leaks. Investing in double glazing with argon gas and low emission glass (LoE) can significantly reduce heat loss.

  1. Difficult or impossible to open and close

This is one of the most important reasons for replacing a window, which among other things could be a vital escape route in case of emergency. There are many reasons why a window or a balcony door is difficult or impossible to open. A common reason is the malfunction of the mechanisms carried by the window or even the rollers in a sliding system.

Other causes of a stuck window are the warped frame as PVC windows can expand and warp in hot weather and high temperatures. Synthetic windows will shrink again when the temperature drops to lower levels, but if this happens repeatedly, permanent damage to the window may have occurred. Another reason could be, that the structural elements of the house have shifted and the window frame no longer fits the space properly. In all these cases, a new window will solve the problem.

  1. Insufficient sound insulation

Modern windows are designed to reduce the sound transfer, feature that can significantly improve the quality of life, especially if the property is on a busy road or in a noisy environment.

The main indication of poor sound insulation is when with the window closed the outside noises can be heard clearly inside the house. In this case, replacing the old window with a new one can offer peace, quiet and a better quality of life.

  1. Old technology windows

The difference in energy costs for heating a house with old technology windows reaches up to 60%. The cost of not investing in new technology windows, increases in the long run.

New technology energy frames are clearly more efficient than the old ones, thus saving significant costs. Also the old frames may not close properly due to problems in the locking mechanism. This could, among other things, create a potential problem with the security of the home.

  1. Leaks

The frames in a house also serve the flow of light in a space. However, if moisture passes between the panes in double-glazed windows or if condensation builds up inside, then there may be a problem with the flow of light into the space.

Although condensation may disappear, there is always the risk of mold growing inside the frame.

These problems usually occur when the sealing material (eg sealing rubber) is gone or if the window is not installed correctly from the beginning. The worst case scenario is when the window really starts to water, causing water to seep into the room.

In all these cases, it is more efficient to choose the replacement of the window, as the repairs have a high cost, while in case the sealing materials are not installed correctly, the whole cycle starts again.

  1. You do not have double glazing

One of the possible reasons that a place is cold in winter and warm in summer, maybe the existence of a single and not double or triple glazed window. Single glazing is often found in older homes and can make the house quite uncomfortable because it is not as efficient as a more modern energy glazing with double or triple glazing.

ETEM : The best choice

In case you find that your existing frames need to be replaced, it would be good to know that the choice of ETEM aluminum frames is the best investment for the future, as their durability, zero maintenance costs, and mechanical properties are some of the features that distinguish them.

The combination of functionality, performance, and safety is achieved to the maximum in ETEM systems that are constantly upgraded in order to satisfy even the most demanding user.

At the same time, the combination of the upgraded frames of ETEM with double or triple glazing, ensures you savings of up to 60%, resulting in consistently lower heating and cooling costs.

With fifty years of experience, expertise, and innovation, ETEM is the best choice for the replacement of your existing sliding or opening windows, in order to upgrade your quality of life.