Upoznajte ETEM i njegovu istoriju
Meet ΕΤΕΜ & its history

For half a century, we turn ideas into innovation

Naša vizija i naši ciljevi
Vision, Mission & Values

We shape the present, we design the future

Ponosni smo na naš narod
Our people make us great

In our work culture, our people play a unique role in eh company’s  success for half a century.

ETEM širom sveta
Global Presence

For over 50 years, we have designed and developed systems for challenging projects around the globe.

Zato što je aluminijum prvi izbor
Why Aluminium is the leading choice?

Because it combines functionality, energy efficiency, security, and environmental friendliness.

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Unlock your potential

Equal Opportunities in one of the largest Industrial Groups in Greece

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Industrial & standard profiles
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We go beyond our portfolio of aluminium products and solutions.

Our team of experts is here to support you with a holistic and in-depth approach and knowledge during different project stages.

Our engineering team provides valuable assistance to project developers, architects, engineers, or fabricators. The added value that we offer is our ability to thoroughly analyze a project, identify current and future needs, and design a solution that is specially developed to cover technical, functional, or even architectural design requirements.

Engineering support

Today’s buildings are more demanding, complex, requiring innovative and sustainable technical solutions. With our academic and technical expertise, combined with long-standing experience in project development, we support any project by defining the appropriate specifications that help to achieve the client’s goals.

Our solutions have no engineering boundaries. We are able to integrate ETEM solutions with various building materials, guaranteeing that the final result will meet specifications.

Technical support

We provide continuous technical support offering a full range of modern tools and databases. We produce different product passports with systems’ specifications and performances together with other marketing materials such as brochures, catalogues, technical newsletters, and other.

Our partners have easy access to our Download Center with all updated information. The professionals can use our BIM Library with curtain wall solutions and a wide range of openable solutions in the Revit environment.

Above all, regular communication with our partners is extremely important for us and it helps to prevent and solve ad-hoc issues.

On-site support

Our project team offers expert assistance during the construction phase.  At this stage, the decisions need to be quick and effective to address an issue successfully and avoid delay. Our specific expertise, deep experience, and exceptional technical background will help you to find the right and cost-efficient solution.


Check our completed projects for some architectural inspiration

Villa La Punta

Villa La Punta

La grand bleu

Le Grand Bleu

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet



Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development
Korporativna društvena odgovornost
Corporate Social Responsibility

The central axis is the prosperity of our society as a whole.

Održivi razvoj
Sustainable Development

We are proud of our commitment to responsible environmental, social, and governance practices.