Starting from the ETEM stand, the visitor had the opportunity to start his tour with the ES38 double-leaf sliding system which brought the new generation of low rails.

In addition, the narrow overlap of 36 mm, offer an identical aesthetic result by significantly limiting the communication of the user of the frame with the external environment.

Next came the opening solutions, the EW70 system, with a low housing of 20 mm, which reduces the obstacle for the user to pass by 60%. Next to it was installed the well-known E68 hidden vent, with a perimeter mechanism. Right after, the impressive sliding system ES38 HOTEL, a certified solution combined with highly competitive costing for hotel applications.

Next stop was the EF50 glass curtain, with integrated - the projected window and the E75 Flat Door. Combination of solutions which is often done in applications with glass curtains. A short distance away, the visitor had the opportunity to receive information about the E97 ventilated facade system, which is the most flexible solution on the market. The visitors' tour of the ETEM booth was rounded off with the new solution, E50 MARBLE, which is based on the successful design of the E50. In this particular sample, the system is able to accept as a filler the architectural specification for the floor, with the aim of achieving the uninterrupted integration of the interior with the exterior environment, providing a completely flat and uniform result.

Passing through the HYLINE by ETEM booth, the visitor was in front of an impressive minimal four-leaf sliding system, HY40, seven meters wide. The electro-driven, recessed, trailing, reverse-hook type frame operated on a double guide and provided 18mm thick exposed cross-sections. The HY40, it is important to mention that the system is connected to the BMS (Building Management System) of the building, so that the user can control it remotely.

The next sample of the HYLINE by ETEM booth was the HYPI glass motorized pivot door with only a 38mm perimeter aluminum frame, with obstacle recognition for maximum user safety. It was combined with a keyboard on the outside, so as to give access without a shared key.

Next sample, the opening minimal system HYSTYLE, designed so that it can take narrow hangers, offer large openings and provide the user with the narrowest window on the market for aluminum thermal break systems in the world, 58 mm wide.

The sliding solution, HY30, provides a uniform 18mm perimeter appearance, which is standard for all Hyline aluminum sliding systems, and positions it as the company with the narrowest systems internationally.

HYWOOD, the narrowest minimal sliding wooden frame on the market, with 48 mm visible frame around the perimeter. The coating of the aluminum is done with accoya wood, which has an ideal behavior in UV radiation and humidity, limited contractions and expansions, but also particularly good cooperation in paints.

Last sample, the HYPI WOOD manual pivot door with different inside-out overlay panels selected by the project designer, which has a return mechanism and a multi-point locking mechanism.

The two neighboring stands with impressive design and clean lines hosted a multitude of innovative solutions, which were presented for the first time in the Greek market.

ETEM & HYLINE by ETEM, created two continuous circular spaces, in which the visitor had the opportunity to be informed about.

ΧΕΝΙΑ 2022
ΧΕΝΙΑ 2022