Doors & Windows
Doors & Windows
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Doors & Windows
  • e1000 door system etem
Available Colors:

A robust and elegant solution for interior doors. Straight and round design options allow the system to be seamlessly combined with an interior concept. Can accommodate up to 20mm filling, such as glass, glazing, panels, or any flat material desired.


Frequently used in offices, restaurants and shops, as well as private houses, hospitals, hotels and many more.

  • One-sash and two-sash doors
  • One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn windows
  • One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn balcony doors
  • Doors and windows combined with fixed frames
  • Composite corner constructions
  • Multiple-leaf folding constructions
  • Showcases
Technical Characteristics
  • Single door, double door
  • Door incorporated in curtain wall