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ETEM’s complete, ready to install range of doors for residential and commercial application combine functionality, aesthetics and security. The range of main entrance security doors is stylish and constructed to be consistent with the surrounding environment. Every style of exit is catered for, with numerous colour combinations and external panel choices. ETEM security door options include flush panels, pantographed panels, lacquered and wood panels, as well as aluminium panels – the wide range allows the door to be tailored exactly to the desired texture and look.

ETEM security doors are certified to WK3 – this level indicates protection against a burglar using body weight and simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers and hand axes to try to break into the building.


ETEM doors have double armoured leaf, heavy duty adjustable hinges, 180-degree door viewer, and “Defender” key cylinder protector, 14 or 18 locking points.

The availble designs are:

  • Aluminium design
  • Modern designs with INOX elements
  • Modern designs
  • Classic designs
In ETEM, our main goal is to design and engineer products that help us improve our everyday living