Corporate responsibility & sustainability

ETEM Group’s operation and development is founded on the concept of corporate responsibility.

For us, corporate responsibility is focused on actions directly linked to the environment, our society, and the health and safety of our people in the workplace.

Our corporate responsibility activities include recognition of the need for positive actions, and continuous support and development of the local communities that neighbour our facilities. In this way we provide a safe working environment for our people and invest in the protection of the environment, with continuous training programmes that emphasize the value of recycling.

The basic tool we use for the implementation of ETEM’s environmental policy is the Environmental Management System.

We are proud of our ownership and development of this policy, which was developed according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004, and we constantly adhere to it.

ETEM actively implements best practices regarding environmental protection through significant investments and measures, by optimizing the production cycle, implementing new procedures that reduce the energy footprint of our plants, and the vigilant prevention of any possibility of environmental pollution.

All of our products are primarily designed with energy conservation for the end user in mind.

We also take great steps to ensure that all our products are recyclable when they have outlived their operating lifespan.

Our impact on the reduction of gas emissions – which contribute to the greenhouse effect – is significant, since a large part of our production comes from recycling aluminium, a process that saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium products from primary aluminium.

ETEM is vigilant regarding safety in the workplace and we go to great lengths to make sure that all our safety procedures are followed to the letter.

We invest tirelessly in the training of our employees, and the health and safety of our people is paramount. Our primary objective is to have zero accidents.

We are very passionate and ethical about this target and we constantly follow a programme of improvement with regard to the safety conditions in the workplace.