Doors and windows

Are you looking for new windows and doors for your home? Are you renovating a traditionally built building? Are you designing a new build? Whatever your needs, ETEM has the perfect solution. With a range of designs and colours, we can cater for all tastes and needs.

Doors and windows allow sunlight to come in, while protecting a building from the outside elements. They must be long-lasting and hard-wearing, while incorporating minimum use of visible frames. It’s a careful blend of durability, strength and aesthetics.

ETEM’s extensive range of doors and windows offers a practical solution for every residential or commercial application, with choices including opening doors, single and two leaf windows with tilt and turn mechanisms, sliding systems, fixed frames, rotating windows, swinging doors, large sliding systems with lift and slide functionalities, systems for the construction of main entrances, and many more.

ETEM also offers a wide collection of straight and round contour profiles, to enable both traditional and contemporary requirements may be met, and a choice of finishes, to ensure each system matches the aesthetics of the architecture.

The need for energy conservation has never been more important, and it has been a fundamental prerequisite in ETEM’s new generation of energy efficient designs. ETEM’s door and window systems offer increased levels of thermal insulation, noise reduction, and resistance to wind loads and water penetration, while ensuring the usual high standards with regard to aesthetic appearance and long-lasting performance.

Bespoke systems may be created to any specification.

Doors and windows
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Doors and windows